Corporate volunteering and Employee volunteering during COVID-19


It's probably been discussed in your planning meetings a lot of times, but now is the time to enact all the Crisis plans regarding employee volunteering you had. Maybe it's the exact thing your business need right now.


Remote volunteering

Almost all the office jobs are shifting into the remote regime and that's the reason to shift corporate volunteering to virtual space. It may be a huge step for you and your company but flexibility and adaptability are the things that allow to survive and strive. If you planned a huge event and it became undo-able because of the COVID-19, put the same resources in the virtual non-profit project, where your employees will call isolated people and elderly people. And that's only one Idea among the thousand other possible ones.


A new approach to your partners

These times are trying not only for regular businesses but for non-profits as well. So it is a good idea to be sensitive towards your long-lasting non-profit partners. Many seekers now experiencing a crisis with volunteers being unavailable due to lockdown, closed borders, and the general situation with the COVID-19. It may be just the reason to work more closely with your non-profit partners and hence previously unimaginable projects can be drawn up and done. This advice is nothing more than advice on changing your mindset, but this mindset change will produce a lot of positive moving force for you.


Your employees can be your volunteering representatives in their communities


Volunteers for community services  is something that volunteering worldwide turns into these days. Previously your employee would choose to have a volunteering opportunity somewhere near the Indian Ocean. Now the most viable option is the local community. And current means of corporate communication being video calls can bring more benefits for your company than you ever expected giving rise to more people exchanging their views and ideas.


Possible volunteering projects for your employees

Now we will list the most obvious opportunities your employees have to find places to volunteer


  • Teaching, sharing skills. If previously your employees could organize one or two group seminars in a spawn every six month due to the different obstacles, now with the spreading of video education there're no more restrictions on the number of events.
  • Helping in mutual aid groups. Such groups for sure exist in all the communities of your employees. And they need more help than ever.
  • Assisting elderly and isolated. The job is simple but important and can mean the difference between life and death for some. You can just assist in delivering groceries and calling once in a while.


Appreciate your employees that involved in volunteering


No need to say, that your employees helping on the "front lines" of pandemic crisis will bring positive changes to your community, and after the community changes your business will prosper as well. In case, if you don't know where to find non-profit partners or additional volunteers, just use the search on Simbock.