If you want to help people and have only a couple of hours of free time- food banks are the perfect option for you. Food banks truly appreciate the dedication and compassion of the local community members. Of course, you can come from another country to help the food banks, but you can find the food banks in your own city and community for sure. And helping to solve hunger near your place of residence is truly rewarding and that's the thing you need when looking for "places to volunteer near me".


And this type of help is not only limited to single volunteers. Food banks accept help from groups of people like local residents or employee groups. It can even be stuff from a commercial organization- help from everyone and help of any type is welcomed here.


Warehouse volunteering

It may come as a surprise for some but food banks require a lot of help in the warehouses. These are the hearts of food banks as all the food is stored here and distributed from here. And as with every other type of warehouse all the items should be properly sorted and be prepared for further distribution. That's where volunteers come in. The distribution of food for seniors also starts here. As you can see, there's a lot of work, and you will find a lot of seekers looking for volunteers for this exact job.


Special events

The most obvious option of volunteers services when it comes to Food Banks is of course regular feeding centers. But there're almost always enough hands that regularly help there and though occasionally new volunteers are required the word of the mouth is more than enough for seekers. But the shortage of hands comes with special community events. Once in a while, major events or celebrations happen, and that's where food banks require all the help. And that's how you will easily find a way to further smaller volunteering gigs.


Survey volunteering

What is unknown to most people is the fact that food banks constantly doing surveys. It helps to learn more about the families food banks serve and to find out what can better be done for the community.

Food banks need local surveying administrators that perform coordinating tasks and on-site site volunteers that attract people to take part in surveys.


Administrative support

As a volunteer, you might be able to find an opportunity to assist with e-mails, database development or support, charity calls, and other regulatory tasks in an office. So don't be surprised if you filled the databases engineer as your skills in your profile on Simbock and received an invitation from a food bank.



Once you agreed to fill the role of the food bank volunteer you should remember about people that already rely on your help and you have some responsibilities. It doesn't mean that you're obliged to do it, just cancel your volunteering session in advance to give seekers some time to find someone else.


Have an even greater impact

You can always find places to volunteer in food banks near you just by using Simbock. And with our advanced matching and search systems, you will never be out of volunteering opportunities.