Before answering the question "how" we feel obliged to cover the "why" of volunteering as an internship. You can find all types of opinions and researches with stats, proving points for an unpaid internship and against it. But I think you will agree that in most cases, practicing the profession fresh out of college is nearly impossible.


All the worthwhile vacancies require working experience, and you can't get the experience without working- catch-22 made real. In addition to that companies that offer internships rarely contribute an experience certificate or letter of recommendation.


Fortunately and coming to the "why" answer volunteers services can provide you this exact opportunity to gain the needed experience and the recommendation letters as well along the other benefits of helping people in need. Abroad volunteering can really expand your career possibilities.


Volunteer websites like the Simbock here can offer you a great number of volunteering options suiting almost every career path you've chosen. An international internship can potentially be a getaway for you to find a job in any part of the world.


The best example of the intern/volunteer drastically needed is a medical worker. In countries like Thailand or India, you're likely to make a name for yourself and help others even as an entry-level medical specialist. After facing challenges with limited resources on your hands you will be more than prepared for anything your profession will toss at you.


Extra benefits


You're freeing two birds with one key

Travel is the sole motivation for some people to work, but with volunteering abroad you're seeing places, and gaining working experience at the same time is totally possible.


Gaining something that will get the edge on your competition.

We've already covered the aspect of experience related to the abroad internships. But it should be noted once again that the main goal of the internship is getting the job of your dream in the end. And the working experience under harsh stressful conditions overseas will you help you to stand out among other candidates.


Working from any country of your liking.

If you don't want to come back to your motherland you can always explore the world and find a place where you truly belong.


Networking on a global scale.

In addition to the people that you will be working with, there's always a ton of travelers from around the world that will share. You can potentially meet your employers, colleagues, and just friends. Moreover, the skill of networking is something you will learn on a huge scale, even crossing the language borders to get things done is something you will be capable of. It may even be an opportunity to find the right people for your own business project.


And you can always find volunteering opportunities on our website. Don't be afraid to try something new, that's might be something that will save your career.