With all the recent news reports from Afghanistan, one can hardly remain indifferent to the sufferings of the Afghani people. And you can actually help the people that need all the help they can get now.

You might not know that infrastructure for helping Afghani refugees already exists, as instability in this region has been going on for a long time, though the current situation is desperate.

Forget about helping Afghanis in their homeland as even US troops were withdrawn from the region, but you can offer a helping hand to ones who are already left their homes.

The current state of affairs

CNBC reported that 23,876 refuges already arrived in the US. And though some of them are already actively involved in employed as translators, drivers, and cultural advisors thousands of people are in need of urgent help.

With the aforementioned number of refuges, and an expected number of 50,000 you're likely to find a place near you to volunteer. In the U.S. only South Dakota and Wyoming refused to accept refugees, so refuge centers all over the country are expected. As for the other countries, you're likely to find refuge centers in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany.

The non-profit projects directed at helping Afghan refugees already exist and will appear more and more as help needed in a whole range of areas, starting from basic needs like food, housing, and stretching to cultural adjustment.

Basic Needs

The USCRI already covered some of the expenses for refugees as people left their homes in extreme haste and lack of financial help would lead to humanitarian disaster within US borders. Current refuge compesation per person is $1,200. That may be enough to cover starting expenses, but with housing taken into account, it is not enough.

You can find local centers where you can donate money, food, and other basic supplies. In the current situation, everything counts. Even help on airport pickups is required now.

Cultural adaptation

Some obvious things for US citizens like rental payment can be new for Afghani people, and that is something that should be covered with other things that are directly related to finances. This will reduce general stress, and will help to avoid potential problems.

And it should be noted that the political situation that forced people out of their homes posed a psychological toll on some people. That's why not only professional psychological help is needed but simple human kindness as well.

The most important cultural aspect should not be forgotten as well. It's language learning. And more volunteers teaching- the better. Even the basics of English will raise the chances for refugees to find jobs and find their places in local communities.

Final thoughts

If you have spare time or spare resources, whether it is food, money or even furniture, just remember that there're people in desperate need. We've already mentioned a lot of ways you can make the change. The rest is up to you.