How to find places to volunteer with animals

During the whole history of the human species, we've been evolving along with other animals, domesticating one species and taking natural habitat from others. And we will always feel inclined to interact in one way or another with animals. And They need your help.

And with volunteering, you can do just that. And in this article, we will cover all the ways you can volunteer to help animals.

Dog rehoming and dog rescue

In some parts of the world, feral dogs bring real threats to local communities, and living on the streets of urban areas isn't that healthy both for dogs and for people who face the reality of dog packs raging through the urban jungles. And mostly the only way to solve the problem is by volunteers helping rescue centers by offering to work or offering financial help. Dog rescue volunteering is the most available one here, as the dog rescue centers require help even in developed countries.

Volunteering with Elephants

That's the part where volunteering to see the world and volunteering with animals go hand-in-hand. The elephants in Africa and Asia are endangered and need extra care. It may be just your dream to work as a volunteer in Africa. And there's a lot of work in helping to restore natural habitats and in stopping poaching.

Extra help is needed in Thailand as Elephants are widely used as a working force and tourist attraction there. And this leads to a huge population of this giant being unfit for natural habitats and hence the existence of sanctuaries. The work is simple there, construction tasks, walking, feeding, and cleaning the elephants.

Taking care of African elephants in South Africa is quite a common thing as well for volunteers to do. And elephants aren't the only animals that center around themselves rescuing activity. There's even a concept called

"the big five" and it includes elephants, rhinos, lions, buffaloes, and leopards all of which being endangered and require care.

Primate conservation initiatives

If you haven't seen the Jungle School from Bornean on YouTube you don't yet how much you want to help the primates. And it's not the only one in the world. Some sanctuaries exist even in the US. But you're likely to find more opportunities to volunteer in Africa, Indonesia, Thailand as these are natural habitats of endangered primates. Due to the destruction of rain-forests, many orangutans lose their natural habitats and quite often their life, leaving little baby orphans that need special attention and education. This is something only volunteers can offer. And that's maybe the thing you want to do.

Some remarks

You should be prepared that seekers need volunteers that are ready to commit for several weeks or even several months. The reason for this is simple- the prolonged education needed for most of the tasks. And the longer you're there- the more help you will bring. Of course, you should pick the seeker with utmost attention as some might be involved in animal exploitation. But here on Simbock, every seeker is checked and you can use search to find the best opportunity.