How one can find places to volunteer during the COVID-19 pandemic


COVID-19 brought some changes in volunteering as a whole. The changes start from tightened legislation on travel and go to the general confusion regarding casual behaving during the pandemic. We will clear the air and cover the volunteering opportunities you might still have.

Here on the Simbock volunteer job site, you will be able to easily find opportunities that fit your skills and interests even in these trying times.


Local places to volunteer are the answer!

Of course, your dream may be to help in Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, but now it will be at the very least problematic to get on the other side of the globe, but in addition to that- dangerous, for you, for people around, and for those cute little orangutans.

So yes, staying in your local area is enough for making positive change globally- by not spreading the dangerous virus. And maybe during the years of your backpacking through Africa, your local community accumulated enough problems where your skills may come in handy.

You can be helpful in your area in several ways:

  • Food pantries. Extra hands are always needed both on street and with helping in food delivery.
  • Helping with temperature checks. These are needed everywhere public spaces, supermarkets, bus stations, hospitals.
  • Food supplies donations. You can just donate some canned supplies or help to the organization that accepts these donations as a volunteering staff member.
  • Helping elderly. That's the risk group during the pandemic, and it's dangerous to leave homes for them. So help in food delivery is needed.

And the help to isolated elderly doesn't stop here. The need for socialization is huge, so volunteers are required to have video chats, write letters, or just call old lonely people.

It's always a good idea to just go and ask people and organizations of different sorts whether they need your help or not. But websites like our Simbock will help to easily find places to volunteer near you.


Mental Health help

The pandemic brought some negative changes to general mental health. And the problem here lies not only in the fact that people getting depressed from staying at home for prolonged periods of time but in Post-COVID syndrome as well. And this is no joke, Post-COVID syndrome brings mood disorders, cognitive impairment, fatigue, and other symptoms that led to an ongoing mental health crisis.

It has been reported in the US that more than a half of people had mental health problems after the COVID-19. And quite often the thing that goes hand-in-hand with mental problems is job loss, making the matter even worse.

You will find a lot of seeker requests from the helplines, so don't hesitate- respond and try to help those who are in need of help. If it is something you might want to do- use the search on our website with the keyword "helpline".

Last words

Wrapping things up- your local community needs you more than ever. And remember that it's you and your family who lives there.