If you want to make the world a better place and see other cultures then Africa is your choice. It's the second large continent and has a lot of volunteering opportunities that can be classified by at least 3 big groups. And all of these groups are connected in one or another way to a climate as the majority of the problems in the region are related to it. Of course, there're educational projects, but in this article, we will cover climate-related projects only as people from Africa are mostly dependant on agriculture to maintain a livelihood. So the three groups we mentioned above are Pure Water projects, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Renewable energy. 

Pure Water projects

The high temperatures and low quality of life make access to clean water in sub-Saharan Africa a huge problem. There're more than 300 million people without access to running clean water. It may hard to wrap your head around the question- and how can I help? The answer is pretty simple. Due to the scale of the problem, there's a need for workers in almost any professional field. It can be office, engineering, translating job or just manual job like digging or helping on a construction site. Any type of help will be highly appreciated. 


Wildlife and Plant Conservation

If you love animals. This option is for you. We've already mentioned the poor state of the economy on the continent in general and safari tourism has an important spot in the economy of the region and hence the wildlife and plant conservation. In addition to that poaching and illegal logging leads to endangering of wildlife. So organizations like GRACE that help to rehabilitate gorillas are quite often undermanned and need help from volunteers.

Renewable energy

The sub-Saharan climate makes Africa a global leader in the renewable energy industry despite the year-long sunshine and developing energy projects there're more than 600 million people that live without a sustainable electricity supply. So volunteers can easily find vacancies in huge-scale energy-related industries.


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